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The coaching we give and the structure of any shooting lesson will depend on your previous experience and the type of shooting you plan to do in the future. We adapt our lessons to the person especially when teaching ladies and younger shots.

A course of shooting lessons for a novice shot will cover clay pigeons fired at a number of angles to give a set of basic principles which can be applied to whatever shooting they do in the future. As we progress through each specific target, we will also be looking at more general points, such as gun mount and footwork.

During each lesson we take a number of rests, and during these we can give advice and answer questions.

For game shooting lessons, we have a variety of traps to simulate all of the shots you might encounter when shooting live game, whether it be high pheasants or driven grouse. We can also put on sequences of targets or completely random mixtures of targets to test your skills.

In addition, we can use these targets to find and work on any weaknesses, or simply take you through them as a warm up before going out to shoot the real thing.

For the more experienced clay shooter, we have a variety of sporting targets.

We can give lessons to look more generally at your technique or work on specific angles where you would like to improve. If we do not have a target you are looking to work on, we will try to set it up for you.

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