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Shooting Lessons

We offer shooting lessons either on a one to one basis or for up to three people sharing a lesson. A lesson for one person consists of roughly an hour of actual shooting plus some time spent in the gunroom before and after, talking around the subject and answering questions.

Shared lessons work well as they give each person plenty of time to rest between turns at shooting and the chance to learn from watching each other.

During a shared shooting lesson, each person gets as much shooting and instruction as they would in a one to one lesson, so the lesson is longer but costs less per person.

Many ladies are put off using a shotgun by well meaning friends who let them use unsuitable guns. The same is often also true for young shots.

At the shooting school we have a selection of guns we lend out for lessons and also different ammunition, so we should be able to find a combination to allow everyone to shoot comfortably. Our smallest guns suit an average size 10 year old, so there really is something to suit just about anyone.

When the time comes for you to obtain a shotgun certificate and buy your own gun, we will advise you on this process. Getting the right gun which fits you properly can make all the difference.

For this reason B.E. Chaplin Gunmakers from Winchester come to us regularly to measure and adjust the fit of our clients' guns.

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